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70$HH**130$HR INCALL***50$HH**100$HR CARCALLS*(downtown n.f. - 31

Posted : Thursday, April 29, 2021 08:38 PM

Hello there this is jen! please know that hygiene is vefy important ... i douche before each call n after each call!! please know due to covid 19 we ask that you wear a mask please and thank you when entering our place and also that you sanitize your hands when you walk into our residence there for we have lots of hand sanitizer at our door as soon as you walk in and please know its for both of our safeties!! please know we do get tested twice a week at shoppers drug mart for ur safety and for our own safety!! please know we both have our own rooms and that we rented an air b n b so that ghis way hotels cant complain about us doin calls and please know that after seeing clients we sanitize our place to keep each other safe!! please know that this is our last night here at this air b n b until we can find another one so if you want to see us for an incall its bsst to see us well we are here and can see you!! please. know that well we are doin our calls we stay in our rooms so that you have no need to feel uncomfortable what so ever!! please know that for our hour calls we start off with a nice hot oil massage so you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can get all the best services that you want to be provided for cause we are here for you and ur needs and we want you to feel safe and make sure when you are done that you feel like a king and you leave with a huge smile on ur face and so you want to see us or either or again cause we love what we do cause we love to please others cause YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY AND EVERYONE HAS NEEDS AND THATS WHY I PAY TO POST MY ADS CAUSE I LOVE TO MAKE SURE YOUR NEEDS ARE TAKING CARE OF AND I WANT YOU TO KNOW THST YOU ARE ONE MILLION PERCENT SAFE CAUSE I WANT YOU TO COME AND SEE ME OVER N OVER N OVER N OVER AGAIN CAUSE WE ALL NEED THAT ONE PERSON THAT BOTH UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER AND THAT ARE GREAT WITH EACH OTHER AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS TRUST EACH OTHER CAUSE TRUST IS ALL WE HAVE AND I PROMISE YOU WILL BE IN GREAT COMPANY CAUSE AGAIN I LOVE MY JOB AND I LOVE TO SEE PPL HAPPY WE ONLY LIVE ONCE SO WE MUST MAKE THE BEST OF WHAT WE CAN IN LIFE CAUSE WE SHOULD LIVE EACH DAY AS IF ITS OUR LAST DAY SO ENJOY EACH OTHER WELL WE CAN CAUSE THATS HOW IT SHOULD BE!! I WILL TREAT YOU AS YOU WILL TREAT ME AND RESPECT IS THE WAY I LIKE TO BE TREATED AND HONESTY AS WELL CAUSE THERE ARE VERY FEW OF PPL OUT THERE LIKE US AND ITS SAD BUT NM WE CAN DO IS BE TRUE AND TREAT OTHERS ON HOW YOU WANT TO BE TREATED!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND I HOPE TO SEE YOU AND SPEND TIME TOGETHER ❤

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